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Graduation will be Saturday, June 1st at the Bell County Expo Center
8:00 am - 8:15 am
Graduate arrival
9:00 am Doors open to the public (exact time can vary due to return of graduates to the Assembly Hall).
10:00 am Commencement Begins
Noon Commencement Ends - Meet graduates on the concourse.

Important Information


 Deployed Family Member Information:  If you have a family member that is deployed or will be on Saturday, June 1st, 2019 during the graduation ceremonies, please complete the GradCast form at the following link: http://www.gradcast.org



All Graduating Seniors: All seniors will be required to purchase a Cap & Gown from Herff Jones.


      These guidelines should be followed:

      Try on the cap and gown ahead of time to make sure that they fit.

      The cap should be worn flat on the head.

      Hairpins are recommended to help hold the cap on the head.

      The tassel hangs on the right side of the front.

      If your gown is wrinkled, iron the wrong side with a cool iron.

      Gum chewing is not permitted.

      Earrings should be small and not prominent.  No jewelry should be worn on the outside of the gown.

      No objects should be carried (programs, purses, cell phones, cameras, etc.)

                  NOTE:  THS staff members cannot keep personal items for you.

No decorations, writings, or other enhancements may be added to the graduation cap or gown.



      Wear dark slacks, socks, and dress shoes.

      Wear a solid or subdued dress shirt with a tie (tie is optional).

      Wear dress shoes and socks that are appropriate.  Athletic shoes are not permitted. 

      Shoes must have a closed toe and heel.



      Wear a dress beneath the gown.  Dark dress slacks are also appropriate.

      No flowers or jewelry should be worn over the gown.

Wear dress shoes that are appropriate. Heels are discouraged because of the tricky stairs. 

Hosiery should either be a skin tone or white – not colored. Athletic or summer casual shoes are not acceptable.



National Honor Society: The white stole should be worn around the neck. 

International Baccalaureate Graduates: The blue and white rope should be worn around the neck. 

Bioscience Institute Graduate: The silver rope should be worn around the neck. 

Mu Alpha Theta Honor Society: The light blue and gold rope should be worn around the neck. 




Clothing or grooming that in the principal’s judgment may reasonably be expected to cause interruption,

distraction, or interference with commencement is prohibited.

Warning:  You will be sent home to get into compliance!




Students are eligible to earn a graduation cord in recognition of their longevity and success in a program of study. To earn a cord, these four requirements must be achieved:

1.       Students must have 3 or more years in a coherent course sequence

2.       Students must earn 4 or more credits in a coherent course sequence

3.       Students must be in a senior level class of this course sequence during their senior year

4.       Students must complete a capstone project during their senior year that relates to the coherent course sequence; the capstone experience may include one of the following options:

a.       An internship experience

b.      A research project

c.       A senior project with a presentation to a teacher and members of the community

d.      Participation in at least one dual credit course with an end of year presentation given

e.      Cross-curricular research project

f.        Digital portfolio – a collection of high school successes and Endorsement experiences

g.       An approved competitive event or certification with an external presentation and evaluation

Note: Capstone projects are designed and developed collaboratively with the student and with their program of study teacher, or, with an assigned faculty member. In addition, seniors earning a graduation cord must be articulated and matriculated into post high school education or workforce.
Students are responsible to notify their program of study teacher in January that they are eligible to receive a graduation cord.

Flash Photography will be your official commencement photographer. Every graduate will be photographed at the ceremony. If you have not received proofs within 2 weeks of the ceremony, please contact Flash directly at 888/325-3930 or at www.FLASHphotography.com.