THS Students Get Google Certified

KCEN TV, Feb 8 - Three Temple High School students are raising the bar in web based education. Keelin Talton, Tyler Sebek, and Ajani Rodgers, are some of the first students to ever take the Google Education Certification.  

It's a professional educators certificate, one that students don't have the opportunity to take. But when these students said they would like to try Temple Director of Technology Luann Hughes worked with google to make it happen.

"Google said, well no one has ever done that before, but they can try, so three of the students have taken the tests and passed it successfully," Instructional Technology Specialist Jacki Wright said. 

The test requires students to know how to implement google apps in the classroom setting, but those who passed were already doing that. The students all work in The Tech Spot -- a student staffed technical support center where they help both their fellow classmates and teachers use various google apps to meet educational goals. They also repair the Chromebooks that students use. 

The initiative is so successful that other school districts are interested in the approach Temple has taken. The school says students have already spoke on other campuses about the progress they've made and how those schools could implement something similar. 

"It's nice to be able to know something, and be able to share that with others," Temple Sophomore Keelin Talton said. "As students you don't get that opportunity often."