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Advanced Academics

Temple ISD offers a continuum of educational opportunities for identified gifted and talented students with advanced academic needs from kindergarten through grade 12.  Gifted and talented students in grades 9 and 10 are provided advanced curriculum in Advanced courses, including language arts, social studies, science and math. Student schedules are individualized based on students’ areas of strength and achievement. High school gifted and talented students are then encouraged to follow the Dual Credit, Advanced Placement or Diploma Programme route to graduation.
Summary of the different advanced academics programs at THS
Overview of the different programs to earn college credit at THS

Academic Honor Code

AP/IB ACADEMIC HONOR CODE An environment that celebrates academic honesty is essential to the success of any advanced academic program. It is the responsibility of every student, teacher, administrator, and parent associated with Temple High School to ensure that academic honesty is promoted and maintained through all aspects of the school’s advanced academic programs. Any class designated as Advanced, IB, and/or AP offered at Temple High School is governed by the AP/IB Honor code which is administered by the AP/IB Honor Board. Any student enrolled in one of these designated courses agrees to the terms of the AP/IB Honor Code by registering for the class. Detailed information on the AP/IB Honor code and its procedures and expectations will be are posted online for student and parent access. Any student not acknowledging the receipt and acceptance of the procedures within the first week of school may be removed from the class.

The Differences Between AP and IB