Classroom Champions: Temple's Aaron Boyle

When Temple High School senior Aaron Boyle was younger, he wasn't so sure about diving into the swimming life.

"My friend Adam, he was like 'Hey, you've got nothing else better to do so why don't you just come and do some swimming?' So I was like 'I don't know, it seems kind of weird,'" said Boyle

Maybe not weird. But time-consuming, yes. During school, Aaron's in the water at least two hours a day, five times a week beginning at 6 a.m., along with his job of being a lifeguard.

"In the summer Aaron will go work an eight hour shift, and if he can come to practice he might be a little late," said Temple swimming coach Trey Sullivan. "But he'll come in and do another two hours right out of work."

Aaron is also taking courses at Temple College and is hoping to be an Emergency Medical Technician in the future. Until then, the water polo goalie will also try to avoid making saves with his face, instead of his hands.

"Being like the last line of defense is what really gets my blood pumping." said Boyle. "Because it's like you just have to stop the ball not matter what. And sometimes, I was actually hit in the face with the ball, but sadly it still went in."