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Library Expectations

Library Rules

  1. Please have an official pass signed by your teacher when your come to the library during class time.

  2. Sign into the iPad and give your pass to a librarian when you enter.

  3. Please be respectful of other patrons by using quiet voices and having earbuds in with the volume low enough others cannot hear your audio devices.

  4. Food, candy, and drinks are not allowed in the library.

  5. Students are expected to return their books on time and in good condition. 

Check Out Procedures

  1. Students may have up to 4 books checked out at one time.
  2. Books are checked out for 4 weeks.

  3. Students may renew books for an additional 4 weeks if they bring them to the library and renew them before they are overdue.

  4. Due dates are printed on a receipt (which you can also use as a book mark).

  5. Students may not check out another book if they have an Overdue book or a Lost Book Fine. 

Lost or Damaged Books

  1. Students must pay for books that are damaged beyond repair.

  2. Students must pay for lost books.

  3. Students may not check out another book until damaged and lost book fines are cleared.

Computer Use

The library’s computers are for school assignments. Understand that computer games are not permitted and students will be expected to log off.

Printing - We no longer have the ability for students to print!