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Library Expectations

Library Rules

  1. Students need a pass signed by the teacher when coming to the library.

  2. Students must be respectful of other students by using quiet voices.

  3. Food, candy, and drinks are not allowed in the library.

  4. Students are expected to return their books on time and in good condition. 

Check Out Procedures

  1. Books are checked out for two weeks.

  2. Students may renew books for an additional two weeks.

  3. Students may have up to six books checked out at one time.

  4. Due dates are printed on a receipt (which you can also use as a book mark).

  5. Fines for Overdue books are 5¢ per day up to $5.00 per book.

  6. Students may not check out another book if they have an Overdue book or a Fine. 

Lost or Damaged Books

  1. Students must pay for books that are damaged beyond repair.

  2. Students must pay for lost books.

  3. Students may not check out another book until damaged and lost book fines are paid.

Computer Use

  1. The library’s computers are for school assignments. Understand that Internet games are not permitted and students will be expected to log off.

  2. Students must have a current AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) on file to use the computers.

Printing - Printer name:  THS Library 7835
  1. Log into a library computer if you need to print.  Your Username is just your Student ID number (do not use your gcloud email address).  Password is your Computer Password.

  2. Costs per page are:  $0.05 for black/white and $0.25 for color.  

  3. You CAN NOT print in color from a Google Doc.  
    a.)  You must first download the document as a Word or PDF document.  
    b.)  Open the downloaded document.  
    c.)  Go to File, Print.  Select Printer Properties.  
    d.)  Click the Image Options tab.  
    e.)  Uncheck the box for "Xerox Black and white conversion".  
    f.)  Click OK.  Click Print.  Color copies are $0.25 per page.



Contact Information:
Kathy Silvas
Dana Granberry
Library Aide
254 215-7021
Library Hours:
7:30am - 5:00pm 
7:30am - 4:30pm