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The first step in receiving scholarship money from the individual schools is submitting their scholarship application and filing the FAFSA. Most schools have their scholarship money tied to the information they receive from the FAFSA. So, even if you think you will not receive additional aid from the FAFSA it is important to fill one out for scholarship possibilities.

One of the best sources of scholarship and financial aid information is the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office at the college to which you are applying.

Be sure to visit each college’s website and follow that individual school’s instructions regarding required forms and deadlines.


Most colleges DO have scholarships. Be sure to visit the colleges’ websites, go to their scholarships and/or financial aid page, and determine eligibility requirements, deadlines and application procedures. This is the most important thing that you can do in researching scholarships.

DON’T DELAY, as deadlines for scholarships are sometimes earlier than the admission application deadlines.

Remember that teachers and counselors will need two weeks' notice when requesting transcripts and recommendations for scholarship and college applications.


Make sure to use the free online scholarship searches to determine specifics for you!!! A few examples to look at are:


For college grants and scholarships Priority Deadline for submitting FAFSA form is March 1st... best planning.... Submit electronically by Feb. 25th!!!!!!


Please contact the THS counseling office  at 254-215-7018 for help or with any questions!




The Scholarship Programs below are accepting applications from students between July 18, 2018 and October 25, 2018.  Please read the application instructions on the website carefully before applying.


YDI Scholarship - July 29, 2018 (1 Award - $1,000)


Harris Poll Scholarship - July 31, 2018 (1 Award - $1,000)


SP Scholarship - July 31, 2018 (10 Awards - $10,000)


VIP Scholarship - July 31, 2018 (1 Award - $5,000)


 Odenza Marketing Group Scholarship - September 30, 2018 (1 Award - $500)


 Don't Text and Drive Scholarship - September 30, 2018 (1 Award - $1,000)


 PostLocations Scholarship - September 30, 2018 (2 Awards - $1,000)


Horatio Alger Scholarship - October 25, 2018 (106 Awards - $25,000)