Frequently Asked Questions

I need to purchase a new Chromebook charger. How much are they?
The TechSpot has chargers available for purchase for $15. Just put in a help request and a field tech will schedule payment and pickup. 
My Chromebook is broken what do I do? Enter a help request at A temporary Chromebook may be issued depending on what is wrong with your device.
I'm not able to log in to Schoology. Make sure your are logged in to your "gcloud" account and that you are going to
I lost my Chromebook, what do I need to do? Report the lost Chromebook by entering a ticket at and include as many details as possible. Try retracing your steps. Ask your teachers or classmates if they have seen your Chromebook. Check with the principals office and front office.
There are some websites that are blocked even at home, can I get these unblocked? TISD has a web filter on the Chromebooks both on and off campus. Some sites will be blocked no matter what. If you have a site that you need to access for one of your classes, ask the teacher of that class to request access to the Technology Department. If you are being blocked from a regular school site, power off your device and wait a few minutes before powering back on. Also, sometimes websites may be down for updates and maintenance.
All of my stuff is gone in my Google Drive. Can it be recovered? Yes. Enter a help ticket at
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